NedGJean’s main product line is it’s original music. The minor part of the business is multimedia, instructional design, stage production and investment of talented assets.

The company will also participate in music production in the community in which it operates and beyond as it grows.

NedGJean offers some of the best original music products.

Samples of Neddy Smith’s music is available online:

Music purchased from NedGJean is of the highest quality.

We use talented award-winning engineers, superior recording facilities, and the best materials in creating our products.

You are dealing with the originator and not the imitator of his music.

  • Audio/Video Production

    Audio and Video production is a service provided for each talent who desires to record their performance for client presentation.

  • Literary Works

    As an author and a musician, one has to think of words in any formal framework such as prose without a defined metric meter. Or,  verse poetry with a metric meter to help visually explain the abstract virtues of music that’s purely instrumental.

  • A new novel, “Valerie Palmary: A Small-Town Girl.” A single music download release accompanied the book and published in published in 2017.
  • Music Licensing      

    Licensing of music products from NedGJean is available and encouraged. Music is composed and produced for distribution or exclusivity.

  • Audio/Video Production

    Audio and Video production is a service provided for each talent who desires to record their performance for client presentation.

  • Mood Swing

    Neddy Smith caught a vision; it was to create subtle uplifting melodies filled with energy and power and caters to a new generation.

  • The inspiration behind “Mood Swing” was derived from a spiritual source as well as the “Thelonious Monk” and a poem written by Neddy entitled, “The Little House.”
  • Blue Monday

    This album reflects a state of mind. It’s about experiences from around worldwide to aid changes of mood from chaos to calm and from ambiguity to certainty. Listening to this CD’s fourteen tracks will give you a sense of stillness and motion within a better piece of mind.

  • Artist Development and Mentoring

    Artist development is an essential function of the performing process. Not only will the recording artist record a professional track (instrument or vocal), but the presentation must match the quality of each track recorded.

  • Save Lives

    Reggae music is a spiritual and life-changing genre. It’s rooted in every Jamaican mind, body, and soul and gravitates towards its musical vibe’s heartbeat and the Rastafarian culture.

  • Each song on the album tells a story that will engage you to listen while tapping your feet, bopping your head, and singing the lyrics. It’s Reggae, the vibes, the feeling, and the experience you’ll enjoy from each musical expression.
  • Turnaround

  • The Turnaround album was one of the first full CD produced and released by Neddy Smith. It consists of old-school style musical expressions from the ’80s and including both “Give It Up” and “Liberated Woman” were both popular in Europe.

Neddy Smith composed and produced the following music products: Released date: March 24, 2008


    03. LIBERATED WOMAN (version 1)
  2. Give It Up(BMI)
  3. CRAZY
    12. THE LADY
    13. LIBERATED WOMAN (version 2)
    15. TIME


Neddy Smith is a master musician and an entertainer in his own right. His music spans across several genres (Jazz, Pop, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Latin/Caribbean, Christian groove, world, and Hip-Hop) resulting in a fresh and unique sound which is timeless.
Neddy Smith in concert with Transwave at “My Father’s Place,” in New York.

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